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Industries Programs

The International Accreditation Council of Professional Training covers the range of variety functions critical to all industries and service sectors. Starting with planning, budgeting and controlling programs extending further to financial management in general and on to functional programs in risk management and compliance or corporate governance, etc.


Professional Designations and Awards

Most programs offer several levels of training - each level can be concluded with a specific designation. Upon attainment of 4-5 levels, depending on the subject area, an international diploma can be awarded.

Advantages of In-House Training

Our in-house clients have the choice of combining several levels into one extended program, condensing programs into refresher courses spanning several subjects or sequencing programs according to their needs. As the same time, our clients can ask to restructure content to meet the specific training and development needs of their organization. This allows for sessions of variable duration adjusted to the delegate's knowledge and experience levels and incorporating client objectives at the time of the training.

Some of the highly beneficial factors to consider:

The true advantage of in-house training lies in the client and audience specific relevance of the professional development effort. By training only in the topics needed by your staff, valuable training time is maximized.  Audience attention and participation is greatly enhanced resulting in superior staff performance.

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