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IACPT's commitment to the coordination and improvement of quality review is based on seven principles. These principles provide the foundations for the IACPT mission statement, the organizational functions described in the IACPT Bylaws and the IACPT Recognition Policy.

Quality Assurance - IACPT will apply its recognition standards and sustain ongoing review of its participation in accrediting organizations to assure high quality of professional performance.

Leadership - IACPT will provide thoughtful leadership to formulate issues related to quality assurance and to develop needed tools and strategies to sustain the value of quality assurance to institutions, organizations and students.

Advocacy - IACPT will be a forceful and articulate advocate for voluntary accreditation of education to the public, government and other interested individuals, groups and countries.

Service - IACPT will consistently provide high-quality research, policy analysis and service to its member institutions, accrediting organizations, students and the public.


Core Values - IACPT will maintain the core academic values central to education and quality assurance. These include, for example, the values of general education, collegiality and academic freedom.


Inclusion - IACPT will sustain an environment of active consultation and participation among its member institutions and participating organizations, as well as encourage cooperation and exchange throughout the education and quality assurance communities.


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