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The status of Courtesy Associate is offered to organizations with which the IACPT wishes to foster a closer working relationship. Courtesy Associates receive certain privileges with regard to the services of the IACPT, but do not participate in its governing processes.

Below is the list of Courtesy Associates with links to their websites:

AACRAO American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
AAU Association of African Universities
ACA Academic Cooperation Association
AIEA Association of International Education Administrators
AIESEC International Association of Students in Economics and Management
APAIE Asia-Pacific Association for International Education
AUCC Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada

Cathay United Bank
CBIE Canadian Bureau for International Education
CEPES-UNESCO European Centre for Higher Education

Chiahui Technology Corp.
CIEE Council for International Educational Exchange
CIMO Centre for International Mobility, Finland

Citibank Taiwan
EAIR European Association for International Research
EAN European Access Network
EFMD European Foundation for Management Development
ENOHE European Network for Ombudsmen in Higher Education
ESN ERASMUS Student Network
ESU European Students' Union
EUPRIO The European Universities Public Relations and Information Officers Association
EURASHE European Association of Institutions in Higher Education
EUA European University Association
Forum on Education Abroad

Fubon Financial
IAU International Association of Universities
IAUP International Association of University Presidents
IDP Education Australia
IEAA International Education Association of Australia
IEAC International Educators Association of Canada
IEASA International Education Association of South Africa
IIE Institute of International Education
IJCSO(IJCSC,IJCSL) International Journal and Conference Service Organization
ISANA International Education Association
JAFSA Japan Network for International Education
JASSO Information Center of Japan Student Services Organization

Land Bank of Taiwan

Mega International Commercial Bank
NAFSA Association of International Educators

Nan Shan Life Insurance
Nuffic Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education
OECD/IMHE Program on Institutional Management in Higher Education

Shin Kong Life Insurance

Taishin International Bank
UKCISA UK Council for International Student Affairs
WACE World Association for Cooperative Education



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