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There are options available to you, depending on what type of license you wish to realize. Typically we have the following modes of cooperation:

From bottom to the top Licensee - In this mode you gain status as a licensed provider of our programs for your area, renewable annually. The license is non-exclusive, and it is assumed you will make use of either your own facilities or publicly available facilities like a conference center for conducting our programs. You are responsible for all marketing, billing, and local coordination of events. Member name be listed on world recognized institutions, list accessible in our website for members login only.

From top to the bottom Licensee - A territory license is offered to partners who set up a dedicated training center. Under this option you are afforded an license for your territory, with full administrative support from the global team. You are responsible for all marketing, billing, and local coordination of events. In-house corporate sales are permitted and supported under this model, and you receive a revenue share from such contracts. We will actively support you with business development assistance for the first 6-months of your license period. We provide you with marketing and branding support from program materials, to brochure designs which you can print locally, etc. Member name be listed on website front page of the world recognized institutions, display to the public directly.

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