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Professional development is undergoing a revolution the world over. We're learning through new methods of teaching, pedagogy and through very pragmatic development styles that we can distill key skills and new strategic thinking to professionals much quicker than traditional methods assume. While some of our competitors seek to engage professionals in training programs, the IACPT was established largely by members from the 'real' world looking for much faster payback on training investment.

Tailored and Relevant by World-Class Experts

IACPT is known for its world-class certification and designation programs for working professionals. We now offer these programs in-house - dedicated to your organization, your people and your products with our program tailored around your products and customer segments.

Our Professional Development Philosophy

IACPT was founded by industry professionals for "real-world" application. Our programs are designed with a primary focus on investment return and flexibility to adjust to your staff, organization and customers.
Our programs are typically focused on core objectives that improve the essential skills in each designation area. All IACPT trainers have a number of substantial track records in their area of expertise. This will ensure you to receive highly competent and up-to-date training and exercises.

Our programs are typically focused on core objectives that improve the bottom line of the business, so whether it is helping a front line staff member work to improve the retention of key clients or providing a new valuation or analysis method for evaluating an investment, IACPT delivers real results.

IACPT trainers have a substantial track record in their area of expertise. Our customers can be confident that they will receive highly competent and up-to-date training and exercises.

How does IACPT Compare

Different training companies and providers are focused on different measures of success. We measure our success through academic growth in our participants, most of who remain with us as members of IACPT. Based on an in-depth understanding of their business we can provide practical training and develop long-term relationships with our in-house clients.

IACPT - as an academy for professionals - is far more work-focused and job application-oriented than ordinary training providers. We also cover the necessary concepts and information base that come from academic programs.
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