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International Accreditation Council of Professional Training

  IACPT, The International Accreditation Council of Professional Training,

is diverse and welcomes members from

(1)educational institutions, business organizations, foundations, professional associations,

non-profit organizations and (2) individual members.


    Institution and organization members

    Individual members


Membership of IACPT will be granted at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Eligibility for membership shall, however, be subject to the relevant individual meeting the organization's code of conduct and other terms and conditions as may be set by the organization from time to time, and shall be subject to such continuing professional development requirements as may be set by the organization from time to time.

Subject to criteria to be developed and published by the organization, it is contemplated that an initial phase of membership will be permitted on the basis of experience in the industry without further requirements. Members will be entitled to refer to themselves as members of the IACPT. Membership will automatically ensure that individuals are kept informed of the events, services and activities provided by the organization. This will be via regular communications between the organization and its members and through the organization's website. Members may, however, be invited to attend meetings that take place in a General Assembly meetings.


Membership in the organization will commence as soon as such membership has been approved by the Board of Directors. If membership should be refused, a member of the organization may require the Board of Directors to refer the decision regarding the granting of membership to the General Assembly which shall then decide on granting membership with majority votes. Admission may be refused without giving any reason therefore.

Any member may withdraw its membership at any time by giving written notice to that effect to the Board of Directors. Any withdrawing member shall remain liable for any member fee for the financial year in which it withdraws as a member. A member withdrawing its membership shall have no claim whatsoever to the assets of the organization or for the reimbursement of any membership fee.

Society membership is open to all professionals who are committed to furthering their professional development and conducting business in an ethical manner. As the only credential, multidisciplinary professional association, the Society offers its members an opportunity to benefit from the highest quality of professional programs and to network with a diversity of business and industry service professionals that share our core values. A variety of avenues are available to members to network with other professionals and exchange ideas and experiences.

All applications are reviewed by the society to determine eligibility for membership. Further documentation may be requested to approve your membership application.

Relationships with the top 2 Business Accreditation Authorities (ACBSP and AACSB).

Use of board certified designations after your name on your business card and on your promotional materials i.e. CV

Add IACPT graduate certification to your resume and supplement your degree or professional licenses and improve your

image and salary potential.

Get the designation that illuminates your professional education and hard work and experience and protect your job and

recognized by an independent and global authority.

Earn the right to add one of our honor society memberships to your resume.

Read our IACPT global recognition, listings and disclosure with various authorities.

Global management courses.

Top faculty from around the world is IACPT members.

Publish on our site as a certified member.

Members in a number of countries with training offices in key cities around the world. 

Fellowship or member status is granted once you have achieved one of IACPT's designation-bearing qualifications. This can be done through an executive training program or in some exceptional instances through an advanced standing submission

You can e-mail your resume to INFOIACPT@IACPT.ORG for confidential review for courses and certification, and you can use the form attached in this website.




Please print or type all information.



Name of Institution: _______________________________________________________

Street and/or Mailing Address: ______________________________________________

City State/Zip Code: _______________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________________________________________

Fax: _____________________________________________________________________

Web Site: ________________________________________________________________

Business Program Enrollment: ______________________________________________

Multipurpose Institutions -

Chief Executive Officer/President: ______________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________________________________________

Fax: _______________________________________________________________________________

E-mail: ____________________________________________________________________

Chief Academic Officer: _______________________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________________________________________

Fax: _______________________________________________________________________________

E-mail: ____________________________________________________________________


I. APPLICATION CATEGORY (check only one):

     Membership (for first-time applicants OR institutions with Associate Membership)

     Renewal of Membership (for institutions with Membership)

II. INSTITUTIONAL CATEGORY (check all that apply):




If applicable, please provide the following by indicating:


Is the institution presently being denied recognition or accreditation by any state or accreditation agency? YES  NO

If yes, which agency(ies)? _________________________________________

Is the institution's recognition or accreditation presently being revoked by any state or accreditation agency? YES  NO

If yes, which agency(ies)? _________________________________________



By signing below, I warrant that all of the information submitted in connection with this Application, including any financial statements attached to this Application, are true and accurate as of the date below; and, I agree to notify IACPT of any material change in my personal, business or financial status while this Application is pending. I understand that this Application does not constitute an offer by IACPT to provide membership and that this information is being provided to IACPT solely for the purpose of evaluating my personal, professional and financial qualifications.


Name and Title of Executive:

Signature of Dance Executive Date:

Telephone (include area code):

Facsimile (include area code):

Web Address:

E-Mail Address :



If your institution is seeking accredited institutional Membership for the first time, this Application Form must be signed by the Chief Executive Officer/President of the institution.

Name and Title of Chief Executive Officer/President: _________________________________________________



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