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A Preliminary Look at the 2013-2014 Global Salary Survey Data
Each year, AACSB International conducts a survey on the salaries paid to full-time faculty and administrators at our member schools. The information collected through this survey is used by many schools and administrators in their hiring and salary negotiation processes, as well as by new doctorates considering teaching in a business school setting.
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Putting Recommendation into Action: Strengthening Global Initiatives
As we approach the three-year anniversary of the publication of AACSB International's (AACSB) Globalization of Management Education report, its recommendations provide a valuable resource for our member schools as they strengthen their global initiatives.
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2014 Board of Directors Election Announcement
Official representatives of AACSB member institutions will soon be asked to vote for open positions on the AACSB International Board. Voting will take place during the last two weeks of January. Official representatives will be contacted by email and provided with a link to cast votes electronically.
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2013-2014 Membership Snapshot: A Quick Look at Where We are and Where We are Heading
How many AACSB members are you connected to? AACSB provides opportunities to connect with over 42,000 management education professionals from around the world. With 1,332 member schools in 85 countries, AACSB is a truly global organization. Find out more about AACSB member benefits with this interactive infographic.
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Latest BizEd Articles
For Profit, For Good
What we can achieve when we teach at the intersection of international business and sustainable development.

Solving for 'X'
Seven business school deans share their most successful solutions to the 21st-century problems their institutions have faced.

Spotlight: University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business
Business schools that choose to bend their efforts to the task of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship aimed at addressing socio-economic challenges can demonstrate an impressive impact in combating their society's problems through cultivating leaders with the ability to draw from a full spectrum of disciplines and cultures to create sustainable, market-based solutions.
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Association News
Forty-Nine Business Schools Extend Their AACSB Accreditation in Business or Accounting

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