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AACSB Accreditation and Assessment Seminars in Bangalore, Bali, and Guangzhou.

 AACSB is coming to an area near you in 2014. Join us for a Business Accreditation Seminar and Assurance of Learning Seminar to learn about the accreditation and assessment processes. Schools' not currently seeking AACSB Accreditation are also welcome to attend.

Business Accreditation Seminar

Take a step-by-step exploration of the 2013 Business Accreditation Standards. Through group activities, participants will make the connection between their school's unique mission and the AACSB Standards. This seminar aids in the ongoing strategic management of academic programs and thoroughly examines each of the 15 business accreditation standards. Sessions also include an inside look at what peer review teams will look for during their visit. 

17V18 February 2014
Bangalore, India

3V4 March 2014
Bali, Indonesia

12V13 May 2014
Guangzhou, China

Assurance of Learning Seminar

If the concept of Assurance of Learning (AoL) is new to you, or if your school is currently developing a new AoL process, this is your chance to learn from the experts. Explore AACSB's expectations for the assessment of student learning while gathering a multitude of comprehensive case studies, sample learning goals, best practices from other business schools, and specific examples addressing the challenges relevant to schools in your region. 

19V20 February 2014
Bangalore, India

5V6 March 2014
Bali, Indonesia

14V15 May 2014
Guangzhou, China


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