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International Professional Professor Society (IPPS)
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About IPPS

International Accreditation Council of Professional Training group. is an independent non-profit organization under the leadership of the International Organization of Professional Cultivation and Accreditation group.

The purposes of International Professional Professor Society (IPPS) areto promote scientific and professional knowledge and its utilization; to facilitate international understanding, educational exchange, and cultural contact worldwide and to sponsor scholarly research and education.  The association establishes and administers charities and scholarship funds to support scientific research and educational activities pertaining to the above objectives.

Since its establishment, it has done a lot of work on developing education, providing advisory service in science and technology, promoting international academic exchanges and cooperation, organizing the compilation and translation of academic publications.

IPPS offer convenience for senior professors and experts to get in contact with society and continue playing their role, attracts them to actively participate in and chair educational training, advisory service and academic exchanges.

IPPS has made substantial progress and development in recent years. As for academic exchanges, the association has successfully organized multiple nationwide academic seminars and regional academic cooperation and exchanges in the field of finance, management, treatment, education, business design, etc., which not only gives full play to the intelligence advantage of the association, but also achieves good social effect. With regard to advisory services, the association has carried out a series of work in the conversion of scientific achievements, diagnosis of enterprise management, promotion of modern enterprise management, educational cooperation, consulting, technology consulting, compilation of yearbook and literature, etc., and achieved certain results. In regard to educational trading, the organization has held class of graduate courses for further studies in MBA, EMBA, international finance, international trading, law, etc. with renowned universities at home and abroad.Besides, the association has conducted distance diploma learning, held a series of tutorial for self-educated examination, actively organized short-term training in computer, English, logistics, etc., and won recognition of all circles of the society.

IPPS Mission

  • to advance academic freedom and shared governance,
  • to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, and
  • to ensure higher education's contribution to the common good


Aim of IPPS

The aim and purpose of the Association shall be to promote international certificates and promotion among scholars of high education at a high academic level. To further this aim the Association shall: make accessible to all its members, by means of the bulletin and other publications, information of common interest, in particular information relating to academic achievement and to the teaching in universities; hold international training courses at regular intervals.


IPPS certificates center, along with IACPT groups, create and implement standards to ensure the quality of the higher education experience. The Association is non-governmental branch department of IACPT, made up of their member institutions. Representatives of the institutions meet to create and revise standards, to review the certification status of nominates and members, and to consider the nomination of applicants to their ranks.

We allow certification for educators with qualifying education and experiences and with high academic achievement. These are the steps to apply to be certified with an IPPS Credential:

  • Complete one of our executive certification training courses worldwide to earn one of our certifications.
  • Complete a related degree with an IPPS approved and accredited university program.
  • Licenses, Degree, MBA/MASTERS or Law Degree, PhD, or CPA, Recognized Designations
  • Professors, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Lecturer and Academic Researchers from all universities and colleges.



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